Shipping Info

Published: 19/10/2021

At DeadWaspDesigns, all of our goods are shipped through Printful's service. As much as we would like to have more control over shipping our own items, it is not an option for us as a business at the moment, but down the road we are hoping to ship our own items. See below for more information about our current shipping times and prices.

Shipping Times

As we indicated in our introduction, currently Printful handles all of our fulfilment and shipping. How long it takes your purchase to reach you depends on where you are in the world and what kind of product you have ordered. Places that have their own fulfilment facility are more likely to receive their purchases sooner than those who do not have a facility near them. 

For more information on shipping time frames, you can see Printful's own page about it by clicking here.

Shipping Prices

Similar to the shipping times, the shipping prices will vary depending on your region. Here at DeadWaspDesigns we offer a flat rate (that is region dependent) and anything over that we cover ourselves. 

Your shipping costs are calculated at the checkout once you have filled out the address form. 

At DeadWaspDesigns we also offer FREE shipping on orders over £50 in the UK and the US, and FREE shipping on orders over £100 for the rest of the world.


If you have any queries relating to shipping, please email us at